February 22, 2023

Dear Families of Preschoolers,

Thank you again for your interest and input in the development of a UTSC preschool program. Your input was invaluable. We're thrilled to announce the high level of interest in a preschool at UTSC and to introduce the Bearcat Beginnings Preschool Program that will be available to serve our community starting next school year.

Our inaugural preschool plan aligns with the needs of our community and aims to prepare students for Kindergarten success. After thorough research and review, we've decided to serve 4-year-olds and late 5-year-olds in our first year. This decision was made after careful consideration of various factors.

At this initial stage, focusing on 4 and late 5-year-olds allows us to target students who are closest to attending Kindergarten the following year. Our Bearcat Beginnings Preschool will be a half-day program, Monday - Friday. Preschoolers will attend either the morning or afternoon session 5 days a week. Our program will follow the UTSC school calendar. By concentrating our efforts on this age group, we can provide a more tailored and effective learning experience, ensuring that our preschoolers are adequately prepared for the transition to elementary school.

While we understand that this may not meet the needs of all our families, please be assured that we are committed to exploring options for expanding our program in the future. We will continue to assess the needs of our community and strive to accommodate all preschool-aged children in the future.

Our first year will undoubtedly be a journey, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate this exciting endeavor. Together, we can create a preschool program that will benefit our community for years to come.

If your child is 4 years old by August 1st or 5 years old and not attending Kindergarten in the fall of 24-25, please complete the first phase of the Preschool Registration process, whether you're interested in the preschool program or not. Your feedback is vital as we move forward.

Link to Next Step in Registration

Thank you once again and we look forward to serving our community with Bearcat Beginnings Preschool in 2024-2025!

Very sincerely,

Leigh Barnes