The Union Township School Corporation is committed to providing each student with ongoing opportunities and resources to reach his or her full potential. Experiences that are specifically directed to engaging and challenging students with high abilities and potentials should be an integral part of their learning.

Students identified as High Ability will be offered opportunities to build upon their inherent strengths through pullout as well as push-in programs in our elementary classrooms, with Honors Level classes at our middle school and with Honors, AP and Dual Credit coursework within our High School.


  • To ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.

  • To identify students with high ability and potential and to inform parents and teachers so the needs of these students may be met.

  • To offer a continuum of services for the full range of our students' abilities.

  • To cultivate within Union Township Schools educational staff an understanding of the nature and needs of high ability students in order to increase their ability to effectively work with these students.

  • To increase the student's self-image as a result of their being challenged to meet higher levels of accomplishment.



Several levels of assessment will be utilized in order to help us identify and serve our high ability students. These may include the CogAT Cognitive Assessment Test, the NWEA math and reading assessment, and Preliminary Scholastic Apptitude Test (PSAT) as well as student, parent and teacher input.