1. Motivate every student to realize their growth potential
    1. Utilize incentive programs to motivate students
    2. Communicate with parents regarding student’s potential and need for parental support
  2. Attract, develop, and retain highly effective personnel
    1. Support staff with effective professional development
    2. Market accomplishments of Union Township School Corporation
  3. Maintain a culture of Bearcat Pride
    1. Celebrate successes of all schools to indicate unity
    2. Foster a team culture
  4. Provide a safe and supportive school environment
    1. Establish a support system for students who need assistance
    2. Diligently train all staff in the implementation of school safety procedures
  5. All students engage in challenging and appropriate instruction to maximize achievement
    1. Continue to assess instructional strategies that engage all learners
    2. Engage teachers in the practice of purposeful planning, rich curriculum development, and effective teaching strategies.
  6. Develop a financial plan that maximizes educational opportunities and maintains fiscal responsibility
    1. Work within the budget as proposed
    2. Develop a three year plan that prioritizes needs
  7. Union Township School Corporation provides comprehensive and effective communication
    1. Publish newspaper articles highlighting school success
    2. Maintain up to date student data base and parental interface
    3. Utilize ongoing communication with parents regarding school related programs, activities and achievement