Drug Testing Policy

The Union Township School Board and Administration feel very strongly about doing all we can to provide a safe environment for our students. We feel that instituting a proactive random drug testing policy is a positive move forward in this endeavor. The official statement of need reads as follows:

A program of deterrence will be instituted as a pro-active approach to a drug free school. Through driving or participation in extra-curricular activities, students using drugs pose a threat to their own health and safety, as well as to that of other students. The purpose of this program is threefold:

(1) to provide for the health and safety of students; (2) to undermine the effects of peer pressure by providing a legitimate reason for students to refuse to use illegal drugs; and (3) to encourage students who use drugs to participate in drug treatment programs. Students involved in extra-curricular activities need to be exemplary in the eyes of the community and other students. It is further the purpose of this program to prevent students from driving to and from school or participating in extra-curricular activities while s/he has drug residues in his/her body, and it is the purpose of this program to educate, help, and direct students away from drug and alcohol abuse and toward a healthy and drug free lifestyle. The program is non-punitive for the student’s academic standing. It is designed to create a safe, drug free environment for students and assist them in getting help when needed. No student shall be expelled or suspended from school as result of any verified "positive" test conducted by his/her school under this program other than stated therein.

If you would like to read the full policy, it can be found byclicking here.

Beginning in the fall of the 2011-2012 school year Union Township School Corporation will conduct random drug testing of select groups of students. The joining of the testing pool will be mandatory for participation in all extra-curricular teams and groups as well as all students who wish to drive to/from school and school events. This testing will be in effect for both Union Township Middle School as well as Wheeler High School.

This policy, as well as the student code of conduct, will be included in the student handbooks for 2011-2012. It will also be available on the Union Township School Corporation website.

Every student who intends to join an extra-curricular team, group or club as well as all students who plan to drive to or from school will need to have a signed copy of the parental consent form on file in the appropriate school office before they can participate in any of the aforementioned activities.

If you have questions, we have set up a specific email account for you to submit your questions. drugpolicy@union.k12.in.us

Thank you for your interest in the students of Union Township Schools.

Mike Stephens

Assistant Superintendent.