About UTSC

Vision Statement

Union Township School Corporation is a place where students are eager to learn, parents are actively involved, and highly effective personnel desire to work. Our schools are the focal point of the community and a source of pride. Every student is challenged to accomplish exemplary levels of achievement through a rigorous, diversified curriculum provided in a safe and supportive educational environment.


We believe:

  • every student will have the opportunity to reach their highest level of personal success;
  • every student learns best when instructional practice is varied and accommodates individual learning styles;
  • every student achieves through applying new skills, being fully engaged in classroom situations, and developing higher levels of thinking;
  • parents/guardians are vital to the success of every student and our schools;
  • in attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining highly effective employees;
  • all personnel are valued contributors to student achievement;
  • our schools are the focal point of the Union Township community;
  • our schools must effectively communicate with our community;
  • responsible budgeting and financing maximizes the educational investment in each student;
  • facilities that are well-maintained enable the school corporation to offer exemplary programs;
  • every student and staff member deserves a safe school environment protected from violence, bullying, and substance abuse.

We value:

  • a rigorous, diversified curriculum that includes meaningful literacy activities;
  • technology that is utilized as an essential tool for students, staff, and the community to enhance thinking, learning, and life skills;
  • extra-curricular and co-curricular programs that enhance the educational experience of every student;
  • long range financial planning that safeguards the community's investment in education;
  • school facilities that are safe and well-maintained, that promote student learning and are sources of pride for our community;
  • a positive school and community relationship.