The safety of our children is ever present on our minds. Students participate in monthly safety drills and safety precautions are a focus with students and staff. We are proud to have a resource officer frequently present during arrival and dismissal times. 


We welcome families and community members into our school and ask that you buzz-in at our main entrance, inform us of who you are and the purpose of your visit. Please check-in with our office, sign-in, and wear a visitor sticker while you are in our building. You are invited to volunteer in your child's classroom, chaperone on a field trip, and eat lunch with your child. We do require criminal background checks to be a classroom volunteer or chaperone.

In addition, we have a resource officer on staff at our building each day. Officers will support us in safety measures throughout the school and during the practice of our monthly drills.

We are a SchoolGuard School: Click here for more information.

UTSC Community Letter regarding SchoolGuard: Click this link.

Safety Drill Information

Students and staff participate in monthly safety drills addressing weather events, fires, bus evacuations, intruders and other threats. We teach and practice a uniform classroom response according to each drill with consistent language from the Standard Response Protocol(SRP).

Union Township Schools Safety Response Plan: One County-One Protocol

More information on SRP can be found on this website:

Posted in each of our classroom is the SRP classroom poster with guidance of evacuation routes and shelter areas.

Communication with families of any emergency is a priority and you can expect information via text and/or e-mail. Please make sure we have updated contact information.