You are always Loved and welcome at JSE!

Mrs. Kristen Hankins

Principal's Message

I am so thrilled to be here as Principal of John Simatovich Elementary School. It is an honor and delight to serve our school and community. 

John Simatovich Elementary School is a great place to learn and grow. It is my honor to work with the students, staff, and community of JSE where everyone comes together to achieve our mission, "Every Student . . . Every Day!" We believe that high expectations combined with hard work will allow our students to achieve to their highest ability. We value parent participation and know that only with parental support and cooperation can we be successful in our endeavors.

As the Principal of John Simatovich, I believe that we serve the whole child. By that I mean that we look at not only academic achievement, but also a child's well-being. We need to work together as families, schools, and communities to help our youth learn and discover how to be caring, compassionate, and loving individuals. We need to guide them on how to handle success and failures through growth mindset and problem solving. I also truly feel that we need to be connecting to our students to develop strong relationships so we can achieve those gains in learning and life. 

JSE students will grow from our commitment to building character and excellent academic achievement. We are committed to challenging and supporting student individual needs.

I invite and encourage you to continue to be part of the education experience of the students at JSE. Our school has a history and a future of excellence, through collaboration among expert teachers, quality support professionals, and committed parents.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions throughout the school year. I look forward to spending time with you this year at JSE and seeing you in the community. Thank you for partnering with us to build a solid educational foundation for our children's future.


Kristen Hankins