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eLearning Day information and F.A.Q

During the Feb. 13th, Union Township School Board meeting, a modification was made to this year’s calendar to include eLearning Days. An eLearning day is an approved instructional day by the state of Indiana that can be used as a make-up school day through technology.  eLearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere! UTSC’s eLearning days will offer a blended learning environment for students.

 Currently, our Union Township Schools have experienced two winter cancellation days. All Indiana schools are mandated by law to have a calendar of 180 student instructional days. After a remarkable effort by all of our schools and their educators over the past 12 months, Union Township applied for permission to utilize eLearning Days in lieu of additional attendance on snow makeup days.   I am excited to share that on Thursday, February 8th, I received a congratulatory letter stating that Union Township has been officially approved by The Indiana Department of Education to implement eLearning days as a method to make-up missed instructional days.  This approval includes the use of scheduled eLearning days, calamity days, and 4 professional development days. This approval also clarifies that we may immediately begin to utilize eLearning days as a form of makeup days!

With this in mind, the UTSC school board has approved our first eLearning Day which will occur on APRIL 27TH, 2018. This day on our calendar was a scheduled snow makeup day and will afford our school to remain closed on Monday, February 19th to keep, at least, a three day Presidents Day weekend for our families. (School will be in session on Friday, February 16th due to our lost day on January 12th.)  Attached with this memo are some questions that you may have as we begin to embark on this exciting new territory in your child’s education. This truly is a great day for the Union Township School Family!

John Hunter


Union Township School Corporation


eLearning FAQs


So what, exactly, is an eLearning Day?

Currently, Indiana state law requires students to attend 180 instructional days. An eLearning day is an approved instructional day by the state of Indiana that can be used as a make-up school day through technology.

eLearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere! UTSC’s eLearning days will offer a blended learning environment for students. Teachers will create standards-based lessons that will be posted NO LATER than 9am on the eLearning Day through Canvas.  Through Canvas teachers will post pre-arranged office hours for them to be available for questions and responses to the assigned work.


Why this year?

A calendar including eLearning has been an area evaluated by the Union Township School Corporation several years and throughout the school year we have seen tremendous growth from our teachers’ ability to maintain quality instruction to our students through technology and our learning management system, Canvas.  To ensure it could be implemented correctly under the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) requirements, significant work was completed in our 1:1 initiatives (ratio of 1 computer for each student), instructional practices with technology and technology infrastructure. We are pleased to announce that Union Township has reached the point where implementation is now possible.

What days will be used as eLearning in the school year?

Currently, we will only be using April 27th as an eLearning Day. As we progress through the remainder of the school year, we may or may not designate another eLearning Day.

What do the lesson plans look like for the day?

The IDOE requires that lessons are relevant to the current curriculum. Due to a guaranteed and viable curriculum throughout grade levels and content areas, many of these collaborative areas (Professional Learning Communities) will be able to share ideas and lesson plans for the day.

What do I do if a student cannot connect on that day?

It is understood that all students may not be able to attend digitally due to previously scheduled events or obligations. eLearning provides a great amount of flexibility. Students will have additional time (3 school days) to complete the e-learning lessons.. This will also provide for special services if required or needed for students.

Will we have computer labs open during the day?

Yes. On April 27th we will have computer labs staffed during these days for students and families who do not have reliable access to the internet at home. Please contact your school principal to notify them if you and your child will be needing to utilize a particular school’s lab.  (Note for Grades K-5 an adult is required to be with the student while in the lab.)

When will the work be due and how will attendance be taken?

Attendance will be counted with completion of the assignments. Teachers are aware that all work sent through Canvas will be due three school days from the date for which the assignment was posted.

Will we have future eLearning days on the actual day of the cancellation?

This could be an option for the future. Currently, we are just in the beginning stages of the eLearning journey. 

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