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Notifications for school delays and closings

Union Township Schools have several methods we employ to notify our community that a school closing or delay is imminent. We have chosen to utilize many vehicles of communication so that we may have redundancy if one of our methods of communication fails and to better serve the preferences of our community.


When a decision to close or delay school is made, an alert is posted on our website, a mass email and text message is sent out through our student information system (Harmony), Notification to Adams Radio Group (Indiana 105, Wake AM 1500), Twitter, our Facebook page, and a "Notify Me" message is sent from our website.


 On August 31st fog set in and the start of school was delayed by two (2) hours. We were unable to send out the mass email and text message from our student information system as it was down. Some of our families did not get a notification of the delay. Please be aware that you may sign up for "Notify Me" messages though our website by visiting any one of our school websites and clicking on "Notify Me". After you make your selection you can follow the instructions to sign up for the notification type of your preference either text or email or both. Please be aware that there is the possibility of receiving multiple messages but in our information rich society some would argue too much is better than not enough!

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