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Vision Statement

Union Township School Corporation is a place where students are eager to learn, parents are actively involved, and highly effective personnel desire to work. Our schools are the focal point of the community and a source of pride.  Every student is challenged to accomplish exemplary levels of achievement through a rigorous, diversified curriculum provided in a safe and supportive educational environment. 


We believe:  

  • every student will have the opportunity to reach their highest level of personal success;
  • every student learns best when instructional practice is varied and accommodates individual learning styles;
  • every student achieves through applying new skills, being fully engaged in classroom situations, and developing higher levels of thinking;
  • parents/guardians are vital to the success of every student and our schools;
  • in attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining highly effective employees;
  • all personnel are valued contributors to student achievement;
  • our schools are the focal point of the Union Township community;
  • our schools must effectively communicate with our community;
  • responsible budgeting and financing maximizes the educational investment in each student;
  • facilities that are well-maintained enable the school corporation to offer exemplary programs;
  • every student and staff member deserves a safe school environment protected from violence, bullying, and substance abuse.


We value

  • a rigorous, diversified curriculum that includes meaningful literacy activities;
  • technology that is utilized as an essential tool for students, staff, and the community to enhance thinking, learning, and life skills;
  • extra-curricular and co-curricular programs that enhance the educational experience of every student;
  • long range financial planning that safeguards the community's investment in education;
  • school facilities that are safe and well-maintained, that promote student learning and are sources of pride for our community;
  • a positive school and community relationship. 

Technology Vision Statement

Union Township School Corporation Technology Vision and Objectives


The Union Township School Corporation is committed to providing each student with ongoing opportunities and resources to reach his or her full potential. Experiences that are specifically directed to engaging and challenging students and their potential should be an integral part of their learning.

Program Goals and Objectives


  1. Ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential through anywhere, anytime learning.


  1. Identify student potential and to inform parents and teachers so the needs of these students may be met.


  1. Offer a continuum of services for the full range of our students' abilities.


  1. Cultivate within Union Township Schools educational staff an understanding of technology integration in order to increase our teachers’ ability to effectively work with students.


  1. Increase the student's self-confidence as a result of their being challenged to meet higher levels of accomplishment.


  1. Students will receive personalized - student centered instruction as driven by formative assessment and resulting data.


Goals and Strategies

  1. Motivate every student to realize their growth potential
    1. Utilize incentive programs to motivate students
    2. Communicate with parents regarding student’s potential and need for parental support
  2. Attract, develop, and retain highly effective personnel
    1. Support staff with effective professional development
    2. Market accomplishments of Union Township School Corporation
  3. Maintain a culture of Bearcat Pride
    1. Celebrate successes of all schools to indicate unity
    2. Foster a team culture
  4. Provide a safe and supportive school environment
    1. Establish a support system for students who need assistance
    2. Diligently train all staff in the implementation of school safety procedures
  5. All students engage in challenging and appropriate instruction to maximize achievement
    1. Continue to assess instructional strategies that engage all learners
    2. Engage teachers in the practice of purposeful planning, rich curriculum development, and effective teaching strategies.
  6. Develop a financial plan that maximizes educational opportunities and maintains fiscal responsibility
    1. Work within the budget as proposed
    2. Develop a three year plan that prioritizes needs
  7. Union Township School Corporation provides comprehensive and effective communication
    1. Publish newspaper articles highlighting school success
    2. Maintain up to date student data base and parental interface
    3. Utilize ongoing communication with parents regarding school related programs, activities and achievement

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Mr. John Hunter
IAQ Coordinator


I began my career in 1984 as an elementary teacher in Elkhart, Indiana.   I was fortunate to teach grade 3 and grade 5.  Following seven years of teaching, I served as an elementary principal in Goshen and Chesterton, Indiana.  After serving as a teacher, coach, elementary principal and coordinator, I was named superintendent in 2005.  It is an honor and a privilege to lead the Union Township School Corporation.  I am proud of the outstanding opportunities we offer "Every Student, Every Day".  Our schools are committed to improving student achievement by meeting and exceeding national, state and district standards.   To accomplish these goals, it is imperative we strengthen the partnership with the corporation’s educational team- students, parents, staff and community.  It is through collaboration with our team that we provide a safe, nurturing and thriving educational environment for each of our children.   Every member of the district’s certified and classified staff is committed to assisting  parents with the success of their child or children.   We enjoy the partnership we have with the Union Township Community to provide for our children.  We are committed to continue providing our students with the best education and co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

Assistant Superintendent
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Mr. Jack Birmingham
Assistant Superintendent

District 504 Coordinator

McKinney/Vento Liason


 I am very humbled and honored to serve as the Assistant Superintendent for our wonderful learning community here in the Union Township School Corporation. I bring over 30 years of experience in education, serving as a teacher or an administrator in all grades K-12. I have had the privilege to teach students with varying needs from special education to advanced placement classes and I am excited to reflect on these experiences to better serve our students and understand how their learning occurs. Additionally, my 17 years of being a school administrator at all grade levels will allow me to contribute valuable insight to our school teachers, principals and community stakeholders!

My wife Doreen and I have four children that we are very proud of! Tyler iresides in Indianapolis, Maranda is a senior at Manchester University, Gracie is a sophomore at Indiana State University and Serena is a senior at Kouts High School.

Again, I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful district!


Chief Information Officer
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Mr. Gerard Manzo

Chief Information Officer



I am happy to have been born and raised in northwest Indiana and enjoy being part of our close knit communities. I am a graduate of Purdue University and hold degrees in Application Programming, and Systems Analysis and Design. I have 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. I have worked in many industries including transportation, health care, financial industries, and now K12. I am committed to providing a technology rich environment where our students and faculty can thrive and achieve. It is a privilege to effect positive change in our student’s lives and provide them the resources to succeed. 

Business Manager
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Philip McKelvey
Business Manager/Treasurer


Mr. Philip McKelvey, is the Business Manager/Treasurer for Union Township School Corporation.  Philip has been a trusted employee of Union Township for the last 6 years.  He was previously in the 8th grade math role, and then moved to the math department in the High School.  

This year, he is new to central office, filling our business manager role, which he is enjoying.  He is a graduate of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a degree in Mathematics. 
Mr. McKelvey was married last summer to his wife, Clare.  They enjoy spending time with friends and hosting game nights.  In the summer, you can find the two vacationing in Northern Michigan, or sticking close to home, exploring their new town of Crown Point.

Executive Secretary
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Kelley Lemley

Executive Secretary/Payroll 

Mrs. Lemley joined the team in September 2015.  She and her husband Dewey have two children, Kelsey and Kody.  She values the time she spends with her family and is excited to be a part of the Bearcat Community!   


Email:  klemley@union.k12.in.us



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Tammy Gasienica
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable

Mrs. Gasienica joined our team in August 2016.  Tammy is proud to say she is a Wheeler High School graduate and excited to be a part of the Bearcat team again!  Her husband, Mike and her have one son, Mason.   Tammy holds an Associates Degree of Science in Accounting, a Bachelors Degree of Science in Business Administration, and a professional Cosmetologist license.

The Gasienicas enjoy spending time outdoors fishing and relaxing, riding 4-wheelers, and watching Mason "be a kid"!   Tammy also enjoys baking, antique shopping, and bowling.   

Email:  tgasienica@union.k12.in.us


Superintendent's Contract

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Collective Bargained Agreement 2019-2020 School Year

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